Post War & Cold War, 1945 - 1963

Essential Questions

1. Was the Cold War inevitable?
2. Was containment an effective policy to thwart communist expansion?
3. Should the United States have feared internal communist subversion in the 1950s?
4. To what extent were the 1950s a time of great peace, progress, and prosperity for Americans?
5. Should the United States have fought “limited wars” to contain communism?
6. Should President Kennedy have risked nuclear war to remove Soviet missiles from Cuba?

Notes, Homeworks & Handouts
  1. Causes of the Cold War (Notes & Documents)

  2. Nuclear Arms Race - Notes

  3. Post-War Culture (Conformity) Notes

  4. Women in the 1950s Sources

  5. Anti-Communism Article

  6. Eisenhower v. Kennedy Article

  7. Korean War Notes

  8. Cuban Missile Crisis